Pin Point Carbonation


pinpoint carbonation

Pinpoint carbonation is a vintage carbonation process that was once used by many small bottlers across America.  Today, we are one of a few, and the last (we believe) that uses dry ice to make its own carbonation.   Taking dry ice pellets and placing them in pressurized tanks the day before, they melt and create a more natural Co2.  When the gas is integrated with the water and injected into the bottle, it produces a smoother, smaller, more balanced bubble that enables the flavors to gently dance across your palate with every sip.  This process also enables the beverage to stay carbonated much longer than you may be used to.  After opening the bottle, if you screw the cap back on and place the bottle aside, you may be surprised at how long the product can stay carbonated and fresh.  I was when I re-opened a Red Ribbon Seltzer that I had placed on my home bar 4 months prior.  Test it for yourself.